Let’s Paint the Town

“Let’s Paint the Town”

“Let’s Paint the Town” is a new project focused on revitalizing the downtown core of the small Ontario town of Dresden. The downtown of Dresden has many features that are worth saving and can be used to build a inviting brand for the town. Recently, Lucy met with the Dresden’s Business Improvement Association to discuss options and opportunities to tap into using components of visual merchandising to accomplish their goals.

September 14th the day of our event was a beautiful sun shinny day the weather was perfect the temperature was perfect and the amazing energy from the Volunteers was outstanding. The volunteers were so excited and energized. They talked, they laughed, they worked hard and in ONE day they painted the town!! Dresden folks came down to see what was happening, people driving through stopped and walked around town…the buzz around town was terrific!!

“…it felt like we were all in a “feel good” movie only it was real ….Community Spirit and Community Pride is alive and well in Dresden. The day was more than just putting paint on a building it was about Community at its best!!…… Neighbour Helping Neighbor……” Like the old Barn raising Days. ~ Lucy

“Let’s Paint The Town” Photo Gallery

We talked, we laughed, we worked hard and in ONE day we painted the town!

“Lucy Olgletree did an excellent job and must be commended on all the preparation and organizing that was needed to accomplish such an outstanding and successful event.”

~ Brent Babcock, Downtown Dresden BIA, Communications Coordinator

Dresden “Before” Photo Gallery

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Lucy’s Presentation to Dresden

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Lets paint the town

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Let’s Paint the Town of Dresden “Downtown”!

“it felt like we were all in a “feel good” movie only it was real”

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Let’s paint the town

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