What is Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is not just about making things look pretty, it’s about displaying products which makes them appealing, attractive, accessible, engaging and enticing to shoppers in a retail store.

Visual merchandising utilizes displays, colour, lighting, smells, sounds, and signage to catch the customer’s attention and persuade them to make purchases.

In other words, visual merchandising plays a vital role in retailing. Merchandising is that which enhances products, supports brands, increases traffic and sales, adds visual excitement by way of strategically located and illuminated focal destinations in an environment, typically businesses and stores, defines and advertises overall personality and image.

It is everything which the customers see and feel within a store that attracts their interest and desire.

Visual merchandising is often mentioned in the success or failure of a retail store. It can be defined as everything the customer observes, both exterior and interior, that creates a positive image of a business and results in attention, desire and reaction on the part of the customer.


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